SOCIAL BOND delivers the ultimate set of tools for brands and INFLUNCERS to manage their collaboration opportunities and track the results. As a brand, you can work with an unlimited number of highly measured content creators . providing an in-depth and holistic influencer marketing integration, From social strategy, creative campaign design, and influencer sourcing to execution and analytics reporting, Whether that includes scouting micro-influencers in Dallas, Texas, or planning and executing a large-scale ambassador program across Europe or Asia, Social Bond is equipped to make our clients’ goals our mission

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Social Bond is a professional platform that links worldwide social media influencers with the following features:

Social Bond grants you access to advertise through well-known social media accounts to achieve your desired goals
Complete your account in no time and start campaigns
You can track your campaign from the minutes it’s created. This allows you to collect accurate data throughout the campaigns
Social Bond provides a smart link between all influencers and all merchants to achieve their targeted goals.
Social Bond will pay the influencer within a 30/31 day time frame
Social bond guarantees the maximum reach per the selected influencer to apply the best model of influencer marketing
24/7 customer service for the best customer experience
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Social Bond helps all marketers who want to spread their brands throughout a reliable and respected influencer market. People have stopped trusting the ordinary marketing networks but have put their trust in word-of-mouth. Instituting that people are more likely to buy a product shown by someone they deem trustworthy like a role model or favorite celebrity.
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Social Bond Helps Advertisers to Reclaim Their Time and Save Their Effort
of teenage YouTube subscribers trust influencer opinions.
of marketers believe that video content produces the best ROI.
percent of women turn to social networks before making a purchase.
of consumers are making a purchase based on a social media reference.
Successful Stories
The affordable clothing chain tapped social media influencer Meghan Rienks to appear in a series of promotional posts on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. In the videos, Rienks shows fans how to style outfits for different occasions (e.g., a holiday party, and big date night) using pieces from Old Navy.
This bottled smoothie brand is edging its way into the beauty, fashion, and health scene on Instagram with help from key influencers in the space. Lifestyle bloggers like Kate La Vie (below) share sponsored posts featuring snapshots of their daily outfits and beauty essentials -- including a strategically placed Naked Juice in the mix.
Towards the end of 2016, the boat shoe brand began working with over 100 micro-influencers on Instagram to create engaging content for its followers. Sperry identified fans of the brand on Instagram who were already sharing high-quality photos of its products, and started inviting these users to develop visual content for its official Instagram account.
High-end accessory and footwear brand Loeffler Randall has become a favorite among artists, bloggers, and fashion insiders, thanks in big part to the company's commitment to involving social media influencers in its marketing campaigns.
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Did you know that you have the ability to influence people? Many people don’t realize the opportunities that come with having a large following. By joining Social Bond, you can discover these opportunities, and using them to achieve your campaign goals.
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Social Bond Helps Influencers to Achieve Their Targets with a Simplified Business Management Tool.
of famous influencers and celebrities are counting on Social Bond in their social media business.
micro influencers with total number 10 K followers are using Social Bond to Get Populated.
More conducted campaigns using social bond other than any other influencer marketing tools.