Your Brand. Their Audience.

Social Bond platform helps marketers identify and collaborate with trusted social creators to reach and engage their customers

Damages Control

Using the power of influential people to help reverse the negative opinions and reviews if any

Use Case

Showing your products in context helps potential customers envision how they could use them too

SEO Authority

When popular site and people link there site to company or brand site, it can increase and give huge boost in SEO

Cultivate a relationship

Influencers are often great resources for hosting brand events, designing capsule collections or acting as an interview subject on the brands or companies blog and social networks


Any kind of influencers Photos or blog posts can be spread via the advertisers or brands owner social media networks. Great way to increase the awareness


If the advertising product is hard to use , a video tutorial can go long way of helping showing the products features in more authentic and easy way


determining the return on investment is challenging specially if it’s a successful campaign as Influencer marketing is a relationship-building exercise that can yield long-term results


Customers creating content is more trust worthy than using the branded content method in the new generation of marking

End-to-end Influencer Marketing Platform
Gain Brand Exposure
Reach millions of followers and customers in your target market through high-quality influencer content.
Engage & Educate Your Customers
Leverage content from influencers to engage followers & customers across all social media channels, blogs and websites.
Influence Purchasing Behavior
Showcase influencer content and reviews across your website and product pages to help convert potential customers.
Improve Brand Discoverability
Boost your search engine ranking through original content published on influencer social media channels, blogs and websites.
Live Reports
Reporting can finally be the best part about advertisers job. Automatically verify influencer reach, brand alignment, and targeted message delivery, all while measuring real time influencer post performance. The platform provides you with most aquarist live reporting system that you can use to monitor the success of your campaigns.
Dynamic Campaign Dashboard
Social Bond offer you 3 ways you can chose from to lunch your campaign, its all based on your goals. Targeting all the social medias platform you are interested in and choosing single or multiple influencer for one or multiple campaigns, all that in one dashboard . Easy , Fast and powerful platform to do businesses in with less effort.
Influencer Progress
The platform lets you track relationship progress from awareness to advocacy and monitor your influencer funnel conversion. You can see exactly how the shape of your funnel is changing and watch how your influencer relationships progress over time and that will help you know exactly how to run an influencer marketing program.
Relevance Targeting
Find exactly who you need, when you need them. Target influencers and their audience by specific content categories, demographics, likes, interests, location, and that’s just the start. We use machine learning to customize the right influencers for your campaign all that in one platform.
Influencer Engagement Supports Business Objectives
Of marketers believe Influencers marketing is effective in raising Brand Awareness*
Of marketers believe Influencers marketing is Generates Sales Leads*
Of marketers are making $6.50 for each $4 spent on Influencers marketing*

Brand create products, Influencers create stories, Analytics prove the success

Creating An Account
Discover influencers across all major social media platforms that fit your campaign. Search by location, category, age, gender, follower count, and previous collaborations.
Optimizing Your Profile
Create a page for your business and open applications for your campaign. Save time and streamline the process of recruiting influencers by allowing them to apply to you.
Working With Influencers
Contact influencers one by one or in bulk using lists you have built. Track which influencers you’ve reached out to.
Analyzes And Organize
Understand an influencer's complete social reach across all networks, engagement rates and examples of previous collaborations. Download their media kits and see the cost to work with them. Save your favorite influencers to lists where you can compare their most vital statistics.