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Login And Registration

  • How do I sign up with social bond?

    There are three ways for signing up:
    • Your Facebook account:By adding the information needed to access your account 
    • Your Google account: By adding the information needed to access your account 
    •  Manual signing up: Enter your email adders and password.
    Make sure your password is:
    - Must be between 6-30 characters
    - Is case-sensitive
    - Can contain special characters
    - Can’t contain the word “password”

    You will need to create a strong password that contains a combination of at least three of the following:
    - Uppercase Alpha
    - Lowercase Alpha
    - Number
    - Special Character(s)
  • I haven’t received an email to verify my email address

    If you haven’t received a verification email, try the following:
    - Check your junk mail folder or spam filter and move the email into your inbox and click the link to verify your address.  Make sure to add to us to your safe senders list too!
    - Try re-creating a new account with the same email address.  You will be prompted to with an option to resend the verification email if you have already registered with that address.
    - Select the “Send” button and you should receive a new email in your inbox. Click on the link in your inbox and you’re verified. Easy!
  • Can I update my email address?

    Not right now, sorry. If you want to use a different email address, you’ll need to create a new account with your alternative email address. Don’t forget to verify your new account too!
  • Why I can’t change my username?

    We think that one of the best ways of promoting good online community behavior is to provide people with an identity that can be consistently recognized by the community. It also means we can provide you with a profile page which keeps a stable human readable URL.
  • Lost access to your Email address?

    If you registered with an email address that you no longer have access to, you can use the help option or explain what has happened, and ask them to correct your registered email address.

Forgot Password

  • I’ve forgotten my password. How can I reset it?

    It's easy. Simply click on the Login/Register page and select the Forgotten Password link or you can reset your password here - Just type in your email address, hit Enter and we'll email you a link to reset your password.
  • How can I change my password?

    Access your account settings under profile-personal info through the top-left you can enter the old and new password. Afterwards, select Change and the password is changed automatically.


  • What is social bond?

    Social bond connects Influences to brands that would like to advertise their products on their social media channel and offers you the opportunity to implement creative projects surrounding exciting products and earn extra money in the process.
  • How does social bond work?

    It is so simple - you simply register with your social media channel, then take a look at the campaigns of your brands and apply to implement one with an offer. 
  • What do I need to register at social bond?

    All you need is a social media channel with at least 1,000 subscribers.
  • What do I need to do to make sure my offers are accepted?

    We cannot guarantee that your offers will be accepted. However, you can certainly increase your chances by only applying for campaigns that match the theme of your channel. It is a good idea to explain how you would like to advertise the product in as much detail as possible in your offer. 
  • What do I need to enable in order to use social bond?

    You need to register at social bond with your social media channel. Upon registration you must allow us to query your analytics (number of subscribers, views, videos, posts, demographics and geography of your channel). We need these so that we can present you attractively to our advertising partners to get you interesting product placements. You can use social bond completely free of charge. We want to help you implement exciting projects and earn money in the process. You get exactly the amount that you agreed with the brand. There are no hidden costs. We are fully transparent.


  • What is social bond?

    Social bond is an online marketplace for brands and influences. Here, brands can find influences to present their products on their social media channel (videos, image, tweets or posts).
  • How does social bond work?

    Social bond is a marketplace where advertiser can register for free. Advertiser can use the marketplace to find influences to examine their campaign as well as the demographic and geographical breakdown of their viewers. With just a few clicks of the mouse, brands can create campaigns to advertise products. There are different placement types to choose from. Then, only a name needs to be chosen for the campaign and the budget determined. Advertiser can describe what the campaign should include and when the placement should be completed by. Once the campaign has been created, influences can apply with their offers.
  • What is an influencer

    Influences are people who have a strong presence in social networks .They enjoy a great reputation among their subscribers and fans and are therefore very attractive for product placements. They could be celebrities who have become famous through traditional channels and have also built a presence in social networks, or people who have become famous through the Internet and have therefore develops a relevant, marketable reach, but are still considered by fans to be friends and acquaintances and their opinion is therefore more trusted. 
  • What forms of advertising are offered at social bond?

    Basically all types of advertising are possible in social networks like Facebook, Google plus ,Twitter, Instagram , snapchat  and LinkedIn . Individual requests can be mentioned in your campaigns. The influences will strive to make them
  • How much does social bond cost?

    The registration and creation of campaigns are free for all users . A commission fee will be payable when an offer from an influence is accepted. This commission amounts to 20% and is calculated using the offer price of the influence.


  • What is the different between quick and advance campaign?

    Social bond offers you two ways you can use to launch your campaigns. They are the quick and advance campaigns you can choses which way you want to use so you can achieve the campaign goal. Here are the differences between them:
    • The quick campaign is quick, fast and easy all you need to add is the budget, countries, date and the social media accounts you’re willing to advertise in it.
    • The advance campaign is much professional its offer you the ability to choses which target topics you want the advertising to so the process will focus on that and the ability to targeted specific country and gender
  • Why I have to upload proof?

    Social bond offer a special system that secure every one rights, when the advertiser add a campaign and the admin assign that campaign to an influence the influence should upload the proof of the campaign so the admin can process that campaign.
    The proof is the social bond why to make sure that the influence got the campaign and it’s also the proof for the advertiser that his campaign is assigned.   

Payment and Recharge

  • How can I recharge my account?

    Social bond offers two ways that you can use to charge your account either you use the manual way or automatic
    • Automatic recharging: By choosing the automatic recharge option you just need to enter your PayPal account information and make sure there is enough balance in it, once you recharge with PayPal the amount will be transferred automatically to your social bond account.
    • Manual recharge: By choosing the manual recharge option you just need to choose which way you want to use to recharge your social bond account and add the information needed for the recharging, once you added, your request will go to the admin and it will be processed.
    Note: you can check all your recharge request status, date, amount and all admin comments on your request. If you have any question please don’t hesitate to contact social bond support.  
  • How can I add my payment option?

    Social bond offers different ways you can use to transfer money. From Social bond billing account you get your money transferred as the way you’re most happy with such as PayPal, Western Union, bank to bank transferring and cash on delivery. All you have to do is select one option and fell the information required; you can also add more than one billing account and chose the favorite one for you.
  • How can I claim my balance?

    Social bond offer you the ability to get back your money! All you have to do is to claim your balance or the amount you need and provide us the way you’re willing to get your money back. Also social bond team will make you stay on track with your money transferring process in the comment box.


  • What is my rank?

    Every user has a rank, the more you increase your rank the more you win! So try your best and increase it. 
  • What is the important of my ranking?

    In social bond the ranking will let you to have the most important and biggest campaign we have, so be a powerful candidate for ever camping! Enjoy being an important user with us.
  • How to improve your ranking?

    Social bond rank every user, so go ahead and improve your ranking by simply be an active user bond your social accounts, accept campaigns, publish and earn, simply using social bond more and more ….
  • What are the factors that can affect my rank?

    Here are the below factors that will improve your ranking in social bond :
     1.       Klout Score:  Klout is an indicator of how influential your social media activities are.  It can help you discover and be recognized for the influence you have in the world by reviewing your activity on social media. Social bond look at your klout score as its   considered 25% of your total rank score.
    2.       verified account:  which marks a user’s profile with the official blue verified tick badge, is given to highly sought celebrities and public figures or those at risk of impersonation, to establish authenticity of identities. Social bond score the verified account 5% of the total rank score. 3.       number of followers: that's means number of people are interested on your account and there are following you, as the number of followers considers as the way of identifying the success level of specific account. Social bond considers the number of followers as one of the main elements  of determining the total rank , its conceders 30% of total rank score.
     4.        Average Reach (engagement): refers to the total number of different people or households exposed, at least once, to a medium during a given period. It is just the number of people who are exposed to the medium and therefore have an opportunity to see or hear the ad or commercial. Social bond take15% of your total average reach for determination of  your total rank score.

  • What's kind of interaction social bond look for to increase my rank?

    After your being a member in social bond it's important to stay active and more engagement to the platform . here are some of the interaction you can use to increase your social bond rank score:

    * Achieve 5  completed campaigns in three months, as social bond will increase your score 5% according to your campaign activities.

    Get 4.5 starts reviews and above on your campaigns, social bond will reword your great feedback by increasing your rank of 5%.

    Begin always an active member and be fast on your replays , social bond appreciates  members whose engaging a lot that’s why for the fast replies social bond increase your score by 2%.

    Adding  extra services with your campaign that will improve your rank score by 3%.

    have low cancellation rate on your campaigns that will help your rank to improve by 3%.

    * Volume of sales that depends on the quantity or number of products sold or services provided by you in a particular period of time, social bond take that in consideration on a presented of 2%
    suggest active ads, it's important to focus on the activates your willing to do and suggest it to us as social bond take that as one of the main elements to increase the rank of your account by 5%.