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Benefits of Partnering With Social Bond

A Complete Workflow
Social Bond is a smart platform which applies the modern work flow models to enhance the communication between all system terminals.
Influencer Rank Algorithm
Social Bond has the best influencer rank algorithm to give accurate results about influencer ranking procedure for more system credibility and reliability.
Dynamic Modules
Social Bond platform is fully dynamic to customize and add new modules to it, which allows adaptation with the most recent market needs.
Estimated Earning Calculator
Social Bond has a smart calculator that gives estimate earnings to each influencer upon his predefined attributes and services.
Influencers Growth History
Social Bond has a smart tool to measure influencer growth from the first day they start with social bond.
Smart Alerts and Notification
Social Bond has the fastest and the smartest notification system that can keep you updated with current, past, and future business deals.
Tracking and Reach
Social Bond is one of the best platforms that keeps track of influencer campaigns to get the best knowledge about the campaign reach and feedback.
Social Media Integration
Social Bond is providing an auto integration tool for social media accounts to guarantee the highest usability standards to registered influencers.
Secure and Accurate
Social Bond is applying 3 security layers to maintain privacy for all users (Influencers - Advertisers - Partners) when using the platform.

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