As an influencer, you have the potential of being able to help brands across the world market their products or services using your creativity & getting rewarded for it. With an honest review featuring what a brand has to offer to your fellow followers, you can make a positive impact on a brand’s name.

Because you are such a creative individual, people are much more willing to try out a product or service that you suggest than any ad they see anywhere else. Beyond that, you get to make money by promoting products that you personally love and would truly recommend.

Why is Social Media so Important in Today’s World?

Social Bond connects digital content creators with fun and rewarding sponsorship deals.
Majority of us tend to spend so much time on social media that marketers across the world found it as an opportunity to advertise products & services.
At first, sponsored banner ads, such as the ones you see on the internet, worked astonishingly well.

However, Over time people began to automatically filter those ads out, subconsciously, and started to only focus on what’s important to them. So, clever marketers started to think outside the box in trying to figure out a new way to broadcast to their audience.

The best part? They decided to reach out to people like you to help promote their message.
They realized that this method is more genuine and would be perceived so much better than traditional advertising due to its word of mouth effect.
That’s where we as Social Bond come in to make things easy.

Activate The Best Tools To Organize Your Influencer Business

We know that people love to inspire others and we know that brands want to reach their audience. So, we decided to be the plug to make it happen. We reach out to brands worldwide and connect them with relevant influencers like you. People care about what you have to say, and we have constructed the right tools to help you amply it.

Get an All-in-One Social Media Manager
As an influencer, we understand that sometimes it can be a hassle to upload content and answer messages by going through all your social media accounts one by one. So, we decided to create an All-in-One Social Media Manager.
  • Multi-Publisher
    You can create one post and have it published on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all at the same time with one button.
  • Campaign Planner
    You can create a post and plan for it to be published hours, days, even weeks in advance so that you can plan your campaigns ahead of time and not have to worry about them later on.
  • Interactions
    You can respond to all comments and message from all your added social media accounts through one inbox.
  • Post Analytics
    Be able to see statistics such as total reach, engagement rate/post, & follower growth. You can also learn more about the followers that interact with your posts by getting to know their age group, gender, ethnicity, & demographic location.
Cool Features That Our Platform Provides
We have built an online integrated platform that allows influencers and advertisers to collaborate.
As an influencer you can add all your social media accounts & blogs, request campaigns from your favorite brands, and see how much money you can earn per campaign post.
You can stay updated with all incoming campaigns through our mobile app.
ou can get full access to our platform through your smart phone, available on both the Apple & Play Store.
Get feedback from advertisers to see how well you’re doing.
This could potentially allow you to get paid more for every campaign you take on.
Keep track of your balance with our money management system.
You can add or claim money through your Social Bond account using PayPal.
Get help from our customer service team 24/7.
We can assist you with any issues you may be facing any time, even on weekends!

Influencer Benefits

Develop Relationships With Brands
Get your social media profiles in front of relevant brands and build an ongoing working relationship full of long term success.
Build Your Audience
Build your profile and your reputation with endorsements. Give your followers access to early products, discounts and giveaways. Find other great influencers to partner with and enjoy the fun experiences of marketing.
Monetize Your Social Media Earning
Earn money easily be promoting great brands. Set your rates and get paid per post not just per click. Have full charge of your earnings by being able to decide which or number of assignments to take up.
Ongoing Success
By connecting you to our participating advertiser, you will have immediate access to the latest advertorial assignments to choose from. No sourcing or hassle – we’ve done it for you.
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