Why Does Your Brand Need Influencers?

Consumers trust recommendations from a third party more often than a brand itself and it makes sense if you think about it, in a more personal context.

An influencer is a mutual friend connecting your brand with your target consumers.

When you align with an influencer, not only do they bring their audience, but they also bring their audience’s network as well. Because of the loyalty of their audience, an influencer has the ability to drive traffic to your site, increase your social media exposure, and flat-out sell your product through their recommendation or story about their experience.

With the fall of traditional outbound marketing, influencer marketing is becoming one of the most effective ways to attract customers and clients. Modern day consumers are blind to billboards and deaf to commercials. They are self-sufficient and want to research a brand on their own and hear about it from someone they trust.

Where do influencers step into inbound marketing? Well, they are generating content about your brand, they are recommending your brand to their loyal following, and they are inserting themselves into conversations surrounding the niche of your brand. Thus, getting them on your side before your competitor can make a huge difference in the success (or lack thereof) of your company.

Now its easy for brands to find and connect with their brand ambassadors right away but with a complete influencer marketing platform like social-bond.com.


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