It can be a little difficult sometimes to figure out what exercises/workouts are best for your body.

I’m sure we’ve all had those moments where we feel tired of doing the same exercises/workout over and over again…

Lucky for you though, there are fitness gurus out there who know other alternatives.

Here are 9 fitness influencers in California that gave away their top 3 favorite exercises/workouts.

Check them out:

Jamie HagiyaJamie Hagiya

The American-Japanese woman that went from being a USC basketball player to a Crossfit athlete. She used to play basketball for the University of Southern California and managed to get a 4th all-time in assists and as 2nd all-time in 3-point field goals made. After she graduated with a degree in communication she played professional basketball in Greece and Spain. She was then introduced to Crossfit games and essentially became a co-owner and coach at Torrance CrossFit in Torrance California. Her top 3 exercises are:

Squatting (back squat, front squat) 

Olympic Lifting (Snatch/ Clean and Jerk)

Agility/Sports Specific Movements

Mary TrangMary Tran

The American-Vietnamese woman that is largely known for her amazing bikini posing. She’s been striving to achieve this goal since 2013 and that’s when she really focused on trying to slim her self down. Within a 3 year span, Mary has competed in more than 6 NPC bikini shows and ended up finishing in 4th place in an NPC Lou Ferrigno Legacy Bikini competition during 2016. As part of her fitness and modeling program, she suggests these exercises/workouts to be her most favorite:

My top 3 favorite exercises would have to be DB Romanian deadlifts with pulses, banded barbell hip thrusters with partials, and I have a love/hate relationship with Bulgarian split squats!Mary Trang

Samantha KozuchSamantha Kozuch

A health influencer that has been an athlete from a young age is now an owner of a video marketing company, a swimsuit model, and a traveling spokesmodel. She has also been a basketball player for 10 years and has a history of running track. As a fitness model and an online personal trainer, her favorite 3 exercises/workouts are:

My top 3 favorite exercises/workouts include:

  1. Weighted Barbel Hip Thrusts – any exercises that help grow and develop my glutes are my top favorite.
  2. Pyramid Barbel Sumo Squats: Increase weight by 10lbs every set for 5 sets, then decrease back down by 10lbs every set.
  3. HIIT Treadmill Sprints: 30 seconds sprinting followed by 30 seconds of rest, repeat for a min of 10 minutes for a max of 15 minutes. KozuchDarbi Gwynn

Darbi Gwynn

A one of a kind healthy vegan, non-alcoholic, fitness influencer that learned so much from her mother growing up. She adapted the trait to be smart with her diet and eventually learned more on how to care for the environment. She is all into fitness & food and is also an American actress, stunt performer, and a singer. Here is what she has to say when asked what her top 3 exercises/workouts are:

My top 3 favorite workouts are hiking, calisthenics and HIIT. Hiking keeps me connected to the bigger picture of life and clears my mind. Calisthenics is a fantastic way to develop functional fitness. Being able to balance, push, pull, build flexibility and move your body with precision and control is an ideal way to build strength and mobility. HIIT training is a great way to get in a quick and efficient workout that should be a whole body workout. 

Maintaining control and form is paramount. Using muscle versus momentum will help anyone reach goals with little to no injury. Fitness is self-exploration while learning about and enjoying the body you live in. Be mindful of your practice and have fun!Darbi GwynnEric and Chris Martinez

Eric and Chris Martinez

The twin duo that started their own business after the unfortunate loss of their father. They hired a professional trainer who mentored and coached them all about becoming personal health trainers. They got their necessary certifications, got their university degree’s, and hired another nutritionist to help them learn even more. Today, they have established Dynamic Duo Training which helps their clients through online exercises, nutrition, and lifestyle consulting. Chris and Eric are also business coaches that help other fitness professionals grow their own business. From their experience working out and exercising, their top 3 workouts are:

Exercise #1 Deadlifts

Exercise #2 Bench Press

Exercise #3 Weighted Pull-Ups and Chris Martinez

Jessi Albin

Jessi Albin

As the tragic event happened on September 11, 2001, she was able to have an awakening that made her find her destined career path. From the fashion industry, she transitioned to fitness. It was her absolute love and passion and she wanted to spread it to others to make them feel great too. She attained as many as 16 fitness certificates and was selected 6th place in a National Physique Committee’s Ms. Fitness competition. She selected her top 3 exercises/workouts below:

  1. Pilates because it works on mindful movement patterns as well as strength and flexibility
  2. Yoga because it helps to release tension mentally and physically.
  3. TRX Because you can hear it towards multiple goals and it takes up very little space. You can perform strength or cardio at different levels or use it as an assist for mindful for stretching or yoga AlbinAlex Drachnik

Alex Drachnik

From the young age of 13, she has had an affection towards photography & filming. Throughout her life, she has worked several places that helped her develop a wide range of multimedia skills. Using her expertise, she dedicates part of her time being a bikini bodybuilder and loves taking pictures throughout her day. Her recommended top 3 exercises are as follows:

My top 3 favorite exercises are Barbell Hip Thrusts, Alternating Bicep Curls and Goblet Squats.

  1. Barbell Hip Thrusts – I train glutes 3 days a week and as someone with naturally big quads and hips, I strive to keep my legs and booty toned at all times. I push myself every day to be able to lift more and more weight.
  2. Alternating Bicep Curls – I love training upper body as well and there’s just something about doing bicep curls that really gets me pumped and I am able to see all my muscles moving in my arms as I do this exercise.
  3. Goblet Squat w/ Band – this is another favorite glute workout where I add a band around my legs to push myself ever harder and tone the glutes! Drachnik

Abri Nicelle Perchetti

Abri Nicelle Perchetti

A 21 year old who started her own blog to share her passions and ambitions with the world. She graduated with a biological chemistry degree and strives to one day become a dentist. She has a vivid imagination and enjoys writing about her passion for fitness, health, running, beauty, fashion, and traveling. As part of her fitness routine, she enjoys doing these 3 exercises/workouts:

My top three exercises lately have been hip thrusts, squats, & lunges! I love that hip thrusts really activate the glute muscles, squats incorporate so many muscle groups so it’s really a compound movement, and lunges are always a great leg/booty burner!

Amanda Cabal

Amanda Cabal

A female that has been an athlete her entire life who was born and raised in San Diego California. She enjoys being a team leader at her work place as a sales manager and loves to lead her team to victory. Not only is she good at that, but she also has a passion for design and fitness. Amanda is a fitness model that has a thrill doing these 3 exercises:

Top 3 exercises:

Hip Thrusts 

Depth Squats 

DeadliftsAmanda Cabal

Well, that was quite a variety.

Hopefully, there were a few alternative exercises/workouts to help change up your routine.

What are your favorite top 3 workouts?

Share them in the comment section below.


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