Influencer marketing seems to be changing all the time. It feels like there’s a new trend, social media network, or fad popping up every other day. With such rapid change, how is anyone supposed to keep up?

Including influencer marketing strategies in your advertising can promote an ROI of up to 11 times more than traditional marketing tactics. This alone should be motivating to those who want to experience the fastest growth possible for their brand or business.

With multiple parties set to benefit from this ever-growing industry, let’s take a look at how to keep up with influencer marketing strategies over the next five years from the perspectives of influencers, brands, and the economy.

Influencer Perspective

Authenticity & Education

No one likes fake. In a world full of “fake news” and endless amounts of plagiarized content, finding something real is a breath of fresh air. Over the next few years, it will be more important than ever to share original, authentic content to prove your social influence.

To be able to do this, aspiring influencers will have to educate themselves in the field of influencer marketing. They will need to know how to advocate for a brand, build awareness around products, and reach their targeted audiences. To improve their authenticity, influencers must use their brand’s products both on and off screen to truly build a real opinion about it.

In a survey of marketing professionals, about 84% of them said they plan to use an influencer for one of their campaigns. That number will continue to grow as the marketing industry sees the potential for this effective strategy.

Not Just InstagramInstagram

There’s no avoiding the fact that Instagram is the most dominant resource used by influencers today. With hundreds of millions of active Instagram users, nearly 80% of influencers prefer to use Instagram as their main social platform for working with brands. There are no signs of this trend slowing down, so influencers need to get started with Instagram right away.

Though Instagram will likely remain in that top spot for years to come, it is still important to use and focus on other social platforms as well. Having a multi-channel approach will give influencers an even larger audience to promote the brands they’ve teamed up with.

Facebook remains the most commonly used social network in the world with 2.19 billion active users as of the first quarter of 2018. The tremendous success that can be found by using Facebook Ads can’t be understated. Other social networks like Twitter and YouTube should be part of influencer marketing strategies as well to expand social influence and share different types of content like video.

Start Using Video

Start Using VideoSerial entrepreneur and influencer, Gary Vaynerchuk, has said on numerous occasions that the “single most important strategy in content marketing today is video”. He raves about how necessary it is to use video marketing on social networks like Facebook in order to target specific customer demographics. Sharing these same videos on YouTube and Twitter increases both distribution and your brand’s relevancy.

Once these videos have gained traction, they can be trimmed down into bite-size pieces and shared on Instagram to boost engagement even further. These short clips can grab attention and lead users to the full video on another platform or back to the brand’s website. Videos or even blog articles can also be converted into podcasts, which are quickly growing in popularity among marketers.

To ensure videos are up to par with other influencers, make sure you are using quality technology to film and edit your content. While it’s okay to use your smartphone on occasion, make the jump to a nice camera and even get a drone to give your videos a new perspective. Be creative and collaborate with your brand to make sure you’re both on the same page and sharing content relevant to their needs.

Rise Above the Competition

Rise Above The Competition

With millions of people vying for a spot on the Instagram “Explore” page or on the Facebook newsfeed, how are influencers supposed to keep up with the competition? Luckily, there are a handful of ways to stand out and find success.

  • Choose a niche – A key to success is determining a specific niche to focus on. Brands want to work with influencers who have an audience that is already interested in their industry.
  • Engage with your followers – Communicate with your audience to improve your relevance and build their trust in you.
  • Share frequent, quality posts – To stay ahead of the curve, influencers need to be constantly sharing high-quality, engaging content. Posting at least a few times a week is vital to your success.

Influencers should also learn not to compare themselves to other influencers. There are many mega influencers out there like Selena Gomez and Cristiano Ronaldo who had a kickstart in their social influence thanks to their fame from acting/singing and soccer. Striving for this level of success right away is unrealistic for an aspiring influencer, so the emphasis should be placed on defining your own version of success.

Brand Perspective

Tools of the Trade

Tools of The Trade

A construction worker needs more than just one tool to build a house. He won’t be able to complete the whole project with nothing but a hammer or a hand drill. In the same way, a brand needs to use multiple tools to accomplish their social media goals.

While video is a huge market for the future, blogs are far from being obsolete. They are still a crucial part of any brand’s SEO efforts to pull traffic to their website. Coupling blog articles with social media campaigns will build brand awareness, while also providing important information surrounding your business.

Some other great tools are available to connect brands and advertisers with social influencers, so both sides can benefit from this marketing process. Other applications like Sprout Social can help brands measure their social media success by tracking impressions, engagement, and link clicks. These resources will help to improve efforts and let brands know when they need to work on.

Build Relationships with Influencers

Build Relationships With InfluencersInfluencer marketing strategies are quickly becoming a part of nearly every brand marketing campaign. As mentioned above 84% of brands are planning to use influencer marketing to expand their efforts, so if you’re not yet part of that percentage, it’s time to hop on the wagon. This will directly impact your customer acquisition processes, so it will be vital to build a solid rapport with the influencers you choose.

Finding an influencer doesn’t mean you have to work with a world-renowned celebrity or someone with millions of followers, who posts multiple times a day. Instead, try to leverage the power of micro-influencers who have a true pull with their audience.

It is much easier to build long-term relationships with micro-influencers, as opposed to one-and-done campaigns. These connections will give your brand a recognizable face that can advocate for your products and services.

Influencer Marketing TechnologyA steadily growing technological trend is the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). A simple definition of AI is a machine’s capability of imitating intelligent human behavior. So, how can brands use this in their influencer marketing strategies?

AI now has the power to analyze social media influencer campaigns to determine how successful it was (or wasn’t). It is able to measure certain post details such as shares, likes, and comments to figure out how useful they were overall. Even more incredible is that it can detect specific product images to find influencers who have already shared pictures of that item.

The use of technology like AI will be become increasingly more common over the next few years as it is improved and developed. It will be a huge benefit to help target clients more precisely.

Spend Money to Make MoneyEvery brand should already have a budget set for their marketing strategy. As the brand image grows in popularity, that budget will likely need to be raised as well to prevent plateaus or stops in growth. These increasing budgets open the door to boost web marketing campaigns and hire social influencers.

Social media, SEO, and working with influencers are becoming the new standard for marketing in this digital age. Digital marketing is expected to be a $120 billion industry by the year 2021. To keep up with other brands, it will be crucial to have a working budget that is prepared to be invested in these technology-based tactics.

It is important though to keep in mind that money isn’t everything when it comes to marketing. Just as essential is working with people who have the knowledge necessary to be successful with digital strategies. This can include external influencers, internal employees, and outside agencies.

Economic Perspective

Finding a Niche

Finding a NicheAs we briefly mentioned above, a key part of success in the world of influencer marketing is to niche down your content. While there are companies out there like Amazon who now sell millions of unrelated products, even they started out selling just one thing: books. From there they have grown immensely with owner, Jeff Bezos, once saying, “We are stubborn on vision. We are flexible on details.”

Like Amazon did, start with one thing until you are able to build a sturdy following, then giving you the chance to branch out into other possibilities. Claim a certain level of diversity to stand out and be recognized as an influencer or unique brand.

Another great strategy when deciding on a niche is to join online cliques and Facebook groups within that industry to both learn what is new and also grow your network.

A World of Entrepreneurs

A World of EntrepreneursThe definition of entrepreneurship has changed drastically over the past few years. The opportunity is now readily available for anyone to be their own boss and find financial freedom without having to spend every waking hour sitting in an office. This rise of independence is paving the way for influencers to create a business surrounding their community.

Social networks have made it possible for people of all ages to reach billions of potential customers as they develop new businesses and grow as influencers. These entrepreneurs have mastered the process of developing a brand, sharing quality content, and engaging with their followers.

As of last year, more entrepreneurs launched startups than the previous four years combined. The chance is there for anyone who is ready to take the leap.

Add Influencer Marketing Strategies to Your Advertising Efforts

The expected growth of influencer marketing strategies over the next five years gives both influencers and brands enormous potential to make money and find success. This newfound freedom and growth will boost economies all around the world.

Now is the time to learn more about how you can either become an influencer or build your brand by working with an influencer. The possibilities are ready and waiting for you to take advantage of them.


By Logan Derrick



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