Making videos come to life is an aspiration of every first-time video editor. The problem is when you’re starting off, sometimes your edits won’t live up to your imagination. You want to create videos that are similar to what you see from top influencers on Instagram, Youtube and Twitter—but you don’t know where to get started.

That said—in this blog post, we’ll provide you with the tips and tricks you’ll need to make your videos live up to your dreams.

Use the Like App for Special Effects and Superpowers

Making actors seem like they’re using flaming swords, shooting lasers from their eyes and other crazy Sci-Fi enhancements—look possible only for pro video editors. The good news is the LIKE app can help you make well-edited superhero showdowns with your friends, that you can post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

LIKE app

It lets you include sound effects like voice filters and music backtracks. For example, you can add rain or explosive sounds if you want to film a superhero showdown with your friend.

They have a lot of editing options to help your films stand out.

2. Find the Best Color Grading Tools

You can make your videos appear more cohesive with color correction.

Even though the shots have different lighting or come from various locations, maintaining a color palette makes it seem visually consistent. You can make various shots align with your theme or make a location seem more cinematic, like the image below:


While color gradings apps have become cheaper, the price of accurate high-quality monitors have skyrocketed. It doesn’t help that trained colorists are expensive and that a minor color tweak can significantly alter your video’s aesthetic.

So, how do you get started with color correction?

A good tip is to look at computers with color-accurate monitors like the MacBook Pro and Dell XPS 15.

Magic Bullet Suite 13 is a color correction tool that lets you perform powerful color adjustments like altering the temperature, adjusting the sharpness, adding contrast, experimenting with highlights and shadows.

It also lets you refine and stylize your footage like adding cinematic effects, balance skin tones, remove blemishes and other edits to make your videos look amazing.

3. Choosing Your Audio Carefully

It’s easy to add music in your videos, depending on what software you use, but finding the right music and meeting the license requirements is whole-nother story.

Unless you make your own awesome music, you could easily be accused of copyright infringement. Youtubers like Michelle Phan have been sued for the use of copyrighted songs in their vlogs. So, how can you find the right music and avoid a costly lawsuit?

You can check out several sites that offer royalty-free background music and sound effects like:

You can also use orchestral music and certain songs that are within the public domain.

You can check out the Public Domain Information Project to learn more about this category, and browse Public Domain Music to find songs.

4. Use Clips and PowerDirector to Edit Mobile Videos

How can you shoot and edit fun videos on mobile? Check out Clips—the free app on the iOS store.


The app enables you to make selfie videos with animated 360-degree scenes. Plus, their video layouts are perfect for social media videos.

You can enable live titles to automatically add captions, as you speak. Want to spice up the text? Choose from various caption styles to make the text pop-up.

The best part? You can add stickers and filters from Star Wars, Pixar, Disney among many others.

Now, how do you edit your videos on Android? PowerDirector is a free video app with multiple editing features. You can use it to add free video effects, voice-overs, soundtracks, split or trim videos and a lot more.

Want to put your videos in slow motion? You can add slow-motion video clips, even if you didn’t shoot in slow motion.

How about editing your background? Chroma enables you to add blue screen, green screen and other background effects to your footage.

You can learn more about this amazing tool on the Google Play Store.

5. Learn the Shortcuts in Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro

Whether it’s your first time editing a video or using a software, learning the hotkeys or shortcuts can be a big time saver.

There are a lot of shortcuts to learn but the time you spend memorizing them will be worth it, because can save you a lot of time down the road. You can also minimize time spent navigating through various options and effects.

Some of the most popular video editing software includes Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro.

If you’re used to the shortcuts in various Creative Cloud applications, then memorizing the shortcuts in Premiere Pro should be fairly easy. Here are the shortcuts within the NLE:

Using Final Cut Pro? You can find a list of keyboard shortcuts on Apple support. If you’re finding it difficult to memorize, then you can buy a keyboard cover with the basic shortcuts.

Keyboard cover with the basic shortcuts

Getting Started with Video Editing

There are a lot of simple video editing tricks that you can use to make your videos come to life.

You can get royalty-free background music from various sites to spice up your videos. You can also use apps like Clips to edit your video on mobile. If you want to add cinematic effects to your shots, then you can use color grade tools such as Magic Bullet Suite 13.

What about shooting superhero showdowns? You can add special effects using the Like App and if you want to work faster, than learning the shortcuts in Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro is the way to go.

Do you have more tips and tricks for video editing? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to learn more from you guys! 🙂

By Monique Danao


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