What’s a nice outfit without a nice watch?

Aside from beauty and cosmetics being the number one industry for influencer marketing, fashion comes in second place. Lots of clothes and accessory brands rely extensively on influencers to advocate their products. Watch companies in particular use social media influencers to portray their merchandise.

Here are 5 watch brands that have acquired lots of rewards by doing just that:

Daniel WellingtonDaniel Wellington is one of the best watch brands that use social media influencers. They use Instagram very intuitively to sell their watches and have influencer get a thrill out of it. They give all of their chosen influencers a free watch to endorse to their followers and allow them to give out discounts ranging between 10%-20%. This makes influencers feel really excited to try out a free new watch and feel a sense of gratitude for being able to give their followers a complimentary discount. Through this method of marketing, Daniel Wellington is able to reach millions of customers and be able to generate more than $220 million in revenues on an annual basis.

MVMTThe second company that utilizes influencer marketing to its advantage is MVMT. By using mega and micro influencers, MVMT has really been able to get the most out of influencers in the fashion and lifestyle industry. By using social media influencers, they have been able to receive more than 60% of their website traffic through mobiles. Also, just like Daniel Willington, they also give products to their influencers for free to promote their products and give them permission to give away discounts.

FossilThe third company that witnessed great success with influencer marketing is . Fossil is a known worldwide brand for being classy. They release influencer campaigns to help push their premium elite products. A campaign with Beauteactive went very well due to the influencers creativity in making a GIF image that shows more than one watches collection. That campaign received more than 20K likes and had an audience reach of almost 60K. Today Fossil watches makes about $2.6B in revenues and continues to produce some of the finest watches out there.

Vacheron Constantin

The fourth watch company that did well with influencers is Vacheron Constantin. The brand brought together influencers such as Anish Bhatt, Amr Sindi, and Ariel Adams to a convention and recorded their reaction when they released their new Cabinoties Celestia Astronimical Grand Complication 3600 products for the first time. Vacheron Constantin made a live stream video Instagram and got over 20K views. The fans adored it and wanted to see more of it. Even Anish made a post of himself on Instagram wearing a watch to show his 1.7 million followers how awesome it was and he got over 19K likes and comments on it. This was a brilliant way to broadcast a product release and have it go a long way for a company. Today Vacheron Constantin makes approximately $4.5 million in revenues.IWC

Last but definitely not least, IWC is also a watch brand that used influencer market to appreciate its success to the next level. Similarly to Vacheron Constantin, IWC gathered a few fashion influencers in Florence, Italy to witness a release of their new product line. However, instead of recording their reactions and uploading it, they were gathered for a photoshoot. They collaborated with Kristina Bazan, Karolina Kurkova, and Xenia Tchoumi for that exclusive moment. IWC even made an Instagram account named @IWCStylejournal to feature the picture they took of the influencers with other friends wearing the new style watch collection with a hashtag #TheCodeOfMe. One picture for Kristinabazan got almost 45K likes and comments from the photoshoot. One extra step they took was also Snapchat behind the scenes of the photoshoot. This kept their audience constantly engaged and they enjoyed every bit of it. In 2017 IWC accumulated $820 million in revenues.


Going back to the main idea of fashion being the second biggest industry to use influencer marketing, many watch brands lean on influencers to sell their products. Major watch companies such as Daniel Wellington, MVMT, Fossil, Vacheron Constantin, and IWC used influencers in a clever way to maximize their advertising power. Think about how you can benefit from influencer marketing and give it a shot.


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